Fit Industries is a Gym in Denver, CO

Fit Industries is the first shared gym space in Denver, CO. For years, the concept of working with a personal trainer has seemed out of reach for the average fitness enthusiast. Either it seems too intimidating for you to have a veteran trainer barking orders at you or the high cost of hiring one just doesn’t seem worth it. Now you can say goodbye to those excuses and say hello to a new era in personal fitness! Whether you are working out in our next-level HIIT training classes or with one personal trainer, at Fit Industries, you can finally work with a friendly, professional trainer or nutritionist at a reasonable price!

We offer the following:

At Fit Industries, all of our workouts run off of the MyZone system where clients put on a heart rate monitor when coming into the gym, and their health stats are put up on TV screens around the gym showing heart rate, fat-burning zones, and calories burned during their workout.

We also offer metabolic testing to help give all of our members an edge up on their fitness goals, much like a professional athlete. Metabolic testing gives you a blueprint of what's happening inside your body! With this test, we will find out where your body burns fat most efficiently while working out! That way, while doing your workout, you will know how hard to workout to burn the most fat! It will also tell us how your body is utilizing energy and tell us exactly how many calories you need to be eating, whether you are trying to lose weight, build muscle, or train for a triathlon. Once we gather this information, your test can be sent off to a registered dietitian and a meal plan fully custom to your body will be created for you!

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What Makes Us Proud
  • Affordable Prices
  • Colorado's First Shared Gym Space
  • Over 30 HIIT Classes a Week
Locations Served
  • Denver, CO